Web Design Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Our current hourly rate is $100.00 per hour billable in 15 minute increments so that if you have just a small change like updating an address or a phone number you are not charged for the full hour. The package prices usually make for a substantial discount off of our hourly rates and once the site "Goes Live" we will make any corrections needed in the first 30 days with the package pricing.

    A lot of work goes into creating a web site both by us and by the client in supplying content, design, and technical specifications so the package prices are a very good deal.
  • We use RapidWeaver for most design and also use DreamWeaver on more complicated designs.
  • All websites we currently design are responsive. We design using a mobile first approach and use the Foundation framework to build out sites or build the sites using a responsive theme design.
  • A website that is designed to be responsive will adjust depending on what device the site is being viewed on. This means that the site will be optimized for a desktop browser when viewed on that device. If viewed on a phone or a tablet the optimization changes so that the content flows better on the mobile device.

    If you have ever seen a site that was optimized on desktop but you were looking at it on your phone, you had to zoom and move around the screen to see everything. On a mobile device responsive pages show the user the site that flows naturally on the reduced screen size.

    You can see the effect here just by shrinking the web browser to a smaller size. Notice how the text flows to fit the reduced space? Keep shrinking and the menu will change to a mobile friendly menu. In some cases elements are not shown on mobile if they would be purely decorative just to clean up the site on mobile.
  • You sure can! This is called CMS or Content Management System, we can set it up for you and show you how to update your content when you have changes that need to be made. To make the changes you just log in and use a built in word processor to add your text. If you have pictures or video you can just drag them in too.

    Let us show you how easy it can be.