Web Design Information.

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Each site is different and we only do Custom work.
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Inclusive Content Pages in your website package can be made up of the following:

  • Styled text pages
  • Inquiries Form
  • FAQ pages
  • File downloads
  • Integration with Google Calendar (great for listing events/workshops)
  • Video Content
  • Photo Content
  • Links pages
  • Icon links to Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter)

Inclusive services

  • SEO - this stands for Search Engine Optimization. This helps you to become visible and includes:

  • Google Webmaster (submission of site map)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google LBC (Local Business Center) are all included.
  • Keywords, meta tags and descriptions

Please don’t worry if you don’t understand all this (you don’t need to unless you want to!) We can explain it all to you and there really is nothing for you to worry about or do!

Any advice we can give to help you is of course included!
Optional Extras for your website package can include:

✓ Live feed to Twitter ✓ Members areas (with logins and passwords) ✓ Members areas complex ✓ Calendars, Dates, Facebook links ✓ Blog integration with Blogger account ✓ Forum integration ✓ Map integration with directions ✓ Shopping Cart integration ✓ CMS - Client editing functionality ✓ Flash banners ✓ HTML5 Banners ✓ Database setup and reporting

If there is something that you need that is not in the list, just ask.

Website Support

From our own experience once a site goes live there is a window for tweaks and minor adjustments. We will provide support for these adjustments for 30 days following launch, after which any alternations and or updates will be charged at $80 per hour. This is broken down into minimum of 15 minutes at a time, that way if you just have something small to change (such as a change of telephone number) you are not paying for the whole hour!
Hosting Solutions

Hosting can be provided for a low fee. Please check our hosting pages

Domain Name

We can also provide you with a Domain Name for use on your site just email us and let us know. We would be happy to help you find a name that fits your sites personality.